03 septembrie 2006

pipa anului 2006

Fotografii cu pipa anului 2006. Premiu anual decernat de revista:"Pipes"

Mark Tinsky has 30 years of experience making pipes, starting in the
shop of Jack Weinberger and moving on to start the American Smoking
Pipe Company with his partner, Curt Rollar, who left the partnership
in 1990. Tinsky uses Grecian plateau briar and has honed his skills
over the years to produce pipes of remarkable quality, finish and
smoking characteristics.

This year's P&T pipe is a Tinsky modified Rhodesian, featuring an oval
shank with flattened sides to highlight the grain of the wood. This
pipe is exceptional for its distinctive design and comfortable feel.
The stem is black acrylic and the pipe is available in five finishes:
Coral, Blast, Black and Tan, Mocha and Sunrise. The smooth and
sandblasted finishes are available in different grades, designated by
stars. In the blast finish, each star adds $40 to the base price; in
the smooth finishes, each star adds $65. The sandblast finishes may
have up to one star; the smooth finishes are available with up to four

Each pipe is stamped with the P&T logo and the individual number of
the pipe, as well as the year, the grade and Tinsky's signature stamp.
As with all of Tinsky's pipes, a distinctive silver star is inlaid in
the stem.

Iata si preturile pt aceasta pipa:
Coral: $170

Blast: from $185

Tanblast: from $195

Black and Tan: from $200

Mocha: from $230

Sunrise: from $265

Coral Magnum: from $500

2-Star Magnum: from $1,000

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