19 aprilie 2007


Rafael Martín Oltra was born in Valencia on May 9, 1960. His father, originally a cabinetmaker, opened a tobacconist shop in the town of his birth, passing down to Rafa all his passion and devotion for the tobacco world. As a result of his father's influence, Rafa founded his own pipe-making workshop in the back room of their tobacconist shop, which is currently operated by the third generation of the Martín family.

Since the end of the 19th Century, the pipe-making industry, particularly relating to briar pipes, has undergone constant evolution in terms of shapes, finishing, brands and artisans.

The philosophy that inspires Martín Pipes is to offer exceptional pipes providing long and pleasant smokes, thereby satisfying both the most discerning smoker and the highly specialized collector.

Rafa Martín carefully selects the best briar from several Mediterranean regions, paying special attention to the quality of raw materials . He is devoted to producing freehand pipes, avoiding any traditional shapes that he reserves for machine-made pipes.

The shapes emerge directly from the briar plateau, with skillful interpretation of the grain pattern suggesting the final result. He never uses any kind of filler, preferring to maintain the wood in its natural condition. The result varies from spectacular straight grains to rusticates, culminating in totally handmade pieces in natural finish without any kind of stain.

The care and dedication that Rafa invests in every phase of the pipe-making process necessarily makes his annual production very limited.

15 aprilie 2007

A.G.Weinberger membru de onoare al clubului nostru

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Va atasez raspunsul D-lui A.G. Weinberger la propunerea mea de a
primi titlul de membru de onoare al clubului nostru. Domnia sa
promoveaza prin imaginea proprie, fumatul pipei prin faptul ca are
aceasta indeletnicire in concertele pe care le sustine in Romania si
in lume:

"Draga Domnule Dinescu,

Am citit cu mare placere mesajul Dvs. in guest-book...
Oferta Clubului ma onoreaza si va multumesc pentru idee.
Accept cu mare drag si mindrie.

Ginduri bune,

AG Weinberger"

12 aprilie 2007

Rezultate partiale etapele 1-4

Timp total / puncte/ nume
3:43:29 30 Oleg
3:42:37 33 Costin
2:41:05 23 Catalin D
2:21:56 22 Dan N
2:20:52 20 Stefan
2:16:19 18 Daniel C
0:55:01 6 Adi M
0:41:41 6 Cristi
0:36:47 3 Ilie
0:33:23 1 Nucu
0:31:53 7 Dani
0:22:17 3 George
0:10:00 3 Sebi
0:09:27 2 Catalin

Timpi etapa a IV-a Aprilie 2007

locul numele timpul puncte
1 Oleg 61:06 9
2 Costin 52:40 8
3 Dan 43:26 7
4 Stefan 34:02 6
5 Dani 28:00 5
6 Catalin D 22:56 4
7 George 22:17 3
8 Catalin 9:27 2

07 aprilie 2007


    Cum s-ar defini sarmaua?

Vis inaripat al verzei ce-l avu cat a durat
Somnul lung metamorfozic in butoiul de murat.
Potpuriu de porc si vaca, simfonia tocaturii,
Imn de lauda mancarii inaltat in cerul gurii.

    O cocheta care-si scalda trupu-n sos si in smantana
    Si se-nfasura in varza ca in valuri de cadana.
    O abila diplomata ce-a-ncheiat o stransa liga
    C-o bardaca de vin rosu si-un ceaun de mamaliga.

Oponenta din principiu si un strasnic adversar
Pentru tot ce e dieta sau regim alimentar.
Un buchet de mirodenii, o frivola parfumata
Ce te-mbie cu mirosuri de slanina afumata.

    Locatara principala tine-n spatiu, tolerate,
    Perle de piper picante, boabe de orez umflate.
    O prozaica-nnascuta, cum s-o prinzi in prozodie
    Cand, de cand e lumea, porcul n-a citit o poezie?

Un aducator de sete, de bei vinul cu ocaua.
Iata-n cateva cuvinte cum s-ar defini sarmaua!

03 aprilie 2007

Concurs editia pe luna APRILIE, cotizatii, tutun la schimb

Joi 5.04.2007, va avea loc etapa pe luna aprilie a concursului de fumat pipa. Tot 3gr de tutun, tot la Davia Brau, tot incepand cu ora 20:00. Va astept.
Nu uitati sa achitati cotizatia pe luna aprilie in valoare de numai 10lei, superoferta numai pe data de 5 aprilie, cotizatia va putea fi achitata in acest cuantum, incepand cu 6 aprilie, va fi majorata la 10lei, 2 beri? E mult? Cred ca dati o multime de bani pe prostii, tinand cont ca din banii acestia se plateste tutunul pentru concurs, se degusta tutunuri rare si ne chinuim sa ne facem cunoscuta activitatea, Seby fiind cel care se va ocupa de personalizarea a 1000 de chibrituri ce vor fi oferite gratuit piparilor constanteni, membri sau nemembrii ai clubului nostru.
Adrian Munteanu ofera la schimb un plic de tutun de 50gr: Borkum Riff - Whisky. Cine are oferte, este asteptat cu tutunul joi la intalnirea de club.
Va pupa Stefan.

01 aprilie 2007

Cum se aromatizeaza tutunul de pipa cu ingrediente naturale

CASING – the sauce that brings out the good taste of pipe tobacco

When pipe smoking began to gain wide acceptance in the 1600s, tobacco manufacturers turned to ways of bringing out the best flavour in the tobacco. Essentially this meant emphasising the best nuances of taste in the raw tobacco for the optimal enjoyment of the smoker. For centuries the tobacco masters have sought to find the perfect casing for a given mixture.

When pipe smoking began to gain wide acceptance in the 1600s, tobacco manufacturers turned to ways of bringing out the best flavour in the tobacco. Essentially this meant emphasising the best nuances of taste in the raw tobacco for the optimal enjoyment of the smoker. For centuries the tobacco masters have sought to find the perfect casing for a given mixture.

Whenever there is talk of casing, to the pipe smoker the subject always seems shrouded in secrecy. But in fact casing simply means sauce, although in the world of tobacco the word casing has always referred to the particular sauce used to bring out the taste of the pipe tobacco. The only secret to casing is the recipe, the raw materials used and in which quantities. To develop a casing which brings out the taste of the tobacco without overpowering it is a true art. Every pipe tobacco factory has its own unique recipes, which have been developed and refined over many decades - if not centuries. The tremendous work effort involved in finding the ideal casing for a given pipe tobacco is the reason why the recipes remain such closely guarded secrets, unknown to all except a few pipe tobacco masters at the factory.

In older days, seamen had problems trying to keep their tobacco fresh on long sea voyages. They experimented with ways of keeping the tobacco moist as long as possible and found out that different types of sugar mixtures kept tobacco fresh for extended periods of time. Word of this soon made its way back to the tobacco masters and soon it became an integral element in the casing. It is not possible to put an exact date on when casing was first used and by whom, but it most certainly dates back hundreds of years.

There is nothing mysterious about casing. In essence, it is easy to make. All that is required is water and a selection of good, natural ingredients. When we at Mac Baren produce a casing, we fill a boiler with water and then add the good, natural ingredients. The mixture is then boiled for about four hours and left to cool. When it reaches the right temperature, the finished casing is added to the tobacco. To achieve the optimal taste, the tobacco is left for 12 hours to allow the casing to impregnate the tobacco. The purpose of the casing is twofold: to bring out the taste and to keep the tobacco moist. The ingredients used in casing have not changed significantly for a long time. In fact, at Mac Baren we still use the same raw materials that were used by the old tobacco masters. Every tobacco mixture has its own unique casing, specially developed to complement the raw tobaccos that go into making each mixture special

Mac Baren casing is made from lots of good, natural ingredients including Liquorice, Chocolate, Cane sugar, Maple sugar, Cacao, Honey and fruit extracts.

After storage, the tobacco must be dried. This takes place on a large drum where the tobacco is heated; then the tobacco cools down to normal temperature and moisture level. The casing that the tobacco has not absorbed is now dried off, and the tobacco must be stored again so that the entire lot reaches the same temperature and moisture level again.