14 aprilie 2009

Newsletter smokingpipes.com

Acum 2 saptamani, prin newsletterul smokingpipes.com ni se cerea o denumire pt aparitia bilunara a acestuia. Acum cand printre solutiile propuse au aparut cateva care s-au repetat intre 18 si 27 d eori, iata ce comenteaza editorul newsletterului aducandu-si aminte de epoca Ceausescu din Romania:

April 13, 2009 NEWSLETTER
Good evening, folks, may I join you in a smoke? As you may recall last week, we asked you, our readers, to name the newsletter that comes a creepin' into your in-box twice a week. The response was overwhelming. The previous statement is often used as a bit of puffery; in this case the phrase is quite correct, with close to two hundred responses. Yours truly attempted (in vain) to respond to each one of them on Easter Sunday. To those of you I simply could not get to, rest assured your entry was duly recorded.To paraphrase (sounds so much better than "blatantly plagiarize") Robert Burns, in the poet's native Scots, The Best laid schemes o' Pipes an' Men. Gang aft agley. And how! First, we did not account for the "great minds think alike" factor. We had three suggestions that had twenty-six, twenty-two, and eighteen votes, respectively. If the top suggested name won, we would be paying out $3.57 worth of stuff to each of twenty-eight people. Worse, we would have to admit twenty-eight new members into the Smokingpipes.com Fellowship of the Tin Foil Hat, and that simply wouldn't do! Therefore, in the case of multiple identical submissions, we're going with the first one we received and that person is getting the $100 gift certificate. So, if you see your suggestion up for the next part of the vote, keep in mind that doesn't mean you necessarily have a one hundred dollar gift certificate coming, it will be going to the first person in with that proposed title.To an entrant, every suggestion was a grand name, not a stinker in the lot (yet another indicator of the quality of our friends and customers). There were some that were hilarious and witty to the point of being dangerous. "The Nicotine Dispatch" "The Bi-Weekly Addiction" are funny enough that they might actually win. We can't really take a chance of that happening. Much like Nicolae Ceausescu era Romanian politics, you get a vote, but unseen powers have control over what candidates are visible. To the raconteur who suggested "The Bear Pause" and "For Goodness, Sykes" (depending upon which of us wrote the intro) we loved it but, should Sykes and I die in some bizarre methane explosion, we'd have to start this process all over again.

Nici americanii nu au uitat de el si practicile lui "democratice".

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