29 februarie 2008


Sykes Wilford care editeaza newsletterul smokingpipes ne anunta urmatoarele:
"Bjarne Nielsen, owner of the Bjarne pipe brand, died Wednesday night from a heart attack at age 66. Bjarne was among the most vibrant, alive, hard working people I've ever met. I was always amazed by his perennial good cheer; he's the only person I've met that can work a booth at RTDA for three and a half days on his own and have a smile on his face the whole time. I, for one, will miss him. -- Sykes Wilford"

Unul din marii maestrii pipieri, o mana d eplatina si o imaginatie de diamant. Sa vedem cine va duce traditia Bjarne mai departe. Speram ca firma Bjarne sa ne uimeasca in continuare prin forme frumos imaginate si pipe bune ca pana acum. Condoleante.

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